Christian J Doule, CLU®, ChFC®, CLTC®
Wealth Management Advisor

The Doule Group

Our Philosophy: Head + Heart Plan

My philosophy takes into account two factors:  1) “who” I am and who is my team; and 2) what we “do” for clients. 


We are all human and special.  Yet, I'm a person just like you.  I have a family and I want to take care of them.  I work to live my values every day.  Those values are to be genuine, humble, confident, happy and caring.

I sit and think about our philosophy often.  Why? I want to make sure we live it every day with my team.  It's that important to me because I am very protective of our clients.

I like to think of my philosophy as “The Plan”.  The Plan = Head + Heart.  What do I mean?

I'm a very pragmatic/technical AND emotional person.  That's a great thing.  It gives me harmony in life and as an adviser.


I believe we set the goals first with clients and then, and only then, do we meet the goals and offer solutions to build efficiencies in their lives by finding the right products.  The products never come first. All products and solutions are tied back to The Plan.

This philosophy allows us to be heart-centered. It sets the stage for me and my team to take time on purpose to listen, make the discovery process more conversational and then make it happen with the analytics and products. 

I find that those initial conversations with clients serve more than the fact-gathering purpose.  They give me quality time with clients, allowing them time to really understand who I am as a human.  In this way, I ensure that all clients are comfortable and we can all sit and think “out loud” together and plan. 

The face-to-face conversations allow both clients and myself time to get a sense of what is in our hearts.  At times, the emotional/heart side may trump the technical/head side of The Plan.  That's ok because it is all about trust and having a deep understanding of our clients' dreams and aspirations.

No client ever feels “sold” to or “pushed in any way.  I know this because it is neither who I am nor who my team is either.  Instead, in those conversations we collaborate with clients to imagine and create their futures and set goals.  We make sure to capture their true desires, as well as meet their everyday necessities in life.

It is the intersection of those two concepts where the real Plan emerges.  From a technical point, having The Plan be a living part of the ongoing relationship allows us to quickly and accurately adjust to our clients' ever-changing lives.

There are few universal truths in life.  What I know for sure is that as long as my team and I stay patient and are willing to listen to our clients, we'll always get to that natural and perfect intersection to form the ideal Plan for our clients. That's the Head + Heart Plan.

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Christian Doule, CLU®, CLTC, ChFC®
Wealth Management Advisor
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